Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sales process flow

Sales Order process in SAP SD 

The sales and distribution process in SAP begins with establishing and maintaining customer relationships, and ends with invoicing for delivery of goods or service provided to the customer. The Customer Order Management cycle can begin with Pre-Sales Activities. The different sales promotional activities are direct mailing campaigns, internet campaigns, trade fair sales activities and telephone campaigns etc…. During Pre-sales activities as a response to your promotional activities you will receive inquiries from customer and in turn you will create and send a quotation to the customers.  As part of sales order processing, you create a sales order. During procurement, the SAP System determines the supplier and the availability of the goods, based on data that you have stored in the system. During shipping processing, you organize and perform the delivery of goods. The different sub-processes in shipping include, Picking(Optional), Packing(Optional), Shipment scheduling(Optional) and Post goods issue(Mandatory). Finally during billing, you create the invoice and transfer all the necessary data into Accounting. As part of handling payments, you check open items and post incoming payments.

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